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Accelerating to Twilight Book Cover
(Completed Manuscript)
About the Book

Accelerating to Twilight contends that the future should be ours to define and explore in a Life Centered world, not spent in one of twilight, technological dominance and ever increasing human irrelevance. Using a wide ranging review of our progress and creative history in the application of technology, Greg Smith also clearly shows how we have reached PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, SPATIAL and even CHEMICAL LIMITS in many of the key technological areas of our lives. We must change our fate and advocate for more meaningful jobs, social imperatives and a more secure future if we are to move past this ominous outlook. This thought provoking and challenging work lays the groundwork for a brighter tomorrow.


"His picture of a Life Centered world is alluring and could, perhaps should, invoke a social movement. Accelerating to Twilight - The Limits of Technology is a fascinating read for many fans of technology, futurist social economics and people seeking balance and harmony within their lives; as the pace of our development needs to have the objective reflection of where we have been in order to help guide us to where we are going."
- Pacific Book Review

"Smith writes conversationally, with a narrative thankfully free of didacticism. Overall, the book is sure to appeal to armchair historians and social critics."
- Blue Ink

A Tale of Whiskers Book Cover
(Completed Manuscript)
About the Book

Whiskers was a traveling cat who taught me meaningful and often subtle lessons about life that I applied while he lived with us as a part of our family, and have continued to practice years after he left this life. He was always a quiet presence whether we were living in Africa, traveling across the United States or snuggled under the covers on a cold winter’s night in the barrens of Upstate. All of us learn significant notions about life from our pets, and Whisker’s presence in the lives of each of the members of our small family changed us and made us more complete in many ways. We embraced the whirlwind of life on the run, so to speak, while searching for the Holy Grail and the Brass Ring and Whiskers was ever a part of all of our adventures. This tale is one of amazing feats of acrobatics, nail biting anxiety when our fifth family member was left behind in South Africa as we flew on to another country and our new home, and constant peace. It makes for an intriguing story of love, quiet patience and moments of explosive excitement in this tale of a beautiful, adventurous and much-loved cat named by his six-year-old fellow traveler for his beautiful mustache. Whiskers

God's Art cover art
(Available for Republication)
About the Book

Excerpt from God's Art: "Life becomes richer for the experience, for the effort to go beyond our preoccupation with ourselves, to a deeper, simple and even occasionally complex view of these expressions of wonder, tranquility and exultation. Is all this creative; is it indeed art? That too remains in the eye of the appreciative observer, and the seeker after the source. Can the twists of an abandoned snakeskin, the ice patterns in a frozen pond, and the genius of mineral crystals be happenstance? Perhaps. Randomness will always be explanation enough for some. But the true essence of their creation is seen by those who look at the sublime and magnificent and see both order and inspiration in a universe full of wonder and art. Not the inspiration that finds expression in the hands of man, but the original art of all things."


"This Independent Publisher's National Book Award winning title, God's Art, has received critical acclaim and favorable reviews for both the images and the thematic material. The subject of the volume is the intriguing notion that all of the natural aesthetics of the Universe are, by design, part of a divine plan. This theme will keep you asking yourself gentle but considerable questions about the nature of beauty long into the future." View Reviews

Capture Your World by Greg and Phyllis Smith

Capture Your World!

The first in a five part series, Water and Reflections is a captivating and innovative look at the manifestation of water in our lives, not as a vital element of survival, but one of extraordinary complexity and intriguing beauty in the world. The character of water as steam, as blue-green-red-aqua water and as ice is pictured in all its forms from the neighborhood pond to exotic locales all over the world. Come have a look at the way water reveals itself in colors and forms that you may rarely ever see – and learn how to capture exquisite images yourself!

Coming in the Summer of 2020!




Personalized Tour Books

There are many outstanding features to our western tour company, American Photo Tours and one truly unique gift that you will not find anywhere else: A Personalized Tour Book. We offer you a free Personalized Tour Book featuring spectacular images of the landscapes that you visit during your trip, and we make it a timeless keepsake by including a photograph of you inside the back cover. We will take your picture while you are on the tour and then publish a one of a kind 24 page full color book of the highlights of your adventure and send it to you within six weeks after you return home, compliments of American Photo Tours.

The covers of the tour books are displayed below: Coming Summer 2020!

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